Two barges and a tug makes a complete solution. This is a transportation mode as well as a floating storage facility. Highly flexible, scalable, robust and with a lease/charter rate that will conquer the market.

The Kanfer Shipping solution is based on the Articulated Tug barge system that is widely known in US, but limited outside US. Our two focus areas are:

▪ Small scale LNG transportation and bunkering (one tug and one barge)

▪ Small scale LNG transportation and floating terminal solution (one tug and two barges)

Kanfer Shipping is now introducing the solution globally, but with a somewhat different focus and with a different twist. The design of the ATB is new, patented, and very much different from the one you find in US today. It is very robust and takes rough seas similar to a ship. The solution has an AIP (Approval In Principle) from classification society and we can now prove that both CAPEX and OPEX is highly competitive to the alternatives. Being both robust in sea, low on CAPEX and OPEX, make this a highly attractive solution in the global market.

Kanfer Shipping has several concept design reports for various sizes. We have a complete design for a 9,000 cbm solution that we have brought to ship yards for pricing.

The solution could also be fitted with ship to ship LNG bunkering equipment and could also be equipped with regasification equipment that will make the solution a highly competitive small size FSRUs. Kanfer Shipping is working on various solutions as well as other shipping segments in order widen the horizon and make this even more attractive to markets outside US.