Our Vision And Mission

Novel seaborne LNG infrastructure at lowest cost

Kanfer’s mission is:

  • To help stranded customers in emerging markets to efficiently access LNG through cutting-edge LNG transport and storage solutions
  • To provide the world’s ports and shipping fleets with clean and cost-effective bunkering infrastructure to enable them to switch to LNG as a fuel source – in line with IMOs strategy for GHG reduction

We combine our technical expertise with the industry-leading experience of our strategic partners to deliver cost-efficient flexible solutions, that overcome site, scale and economic challenges, enabling LNG to reach stranded demand centers.

Our Vision And Mission
Saving Costs

Saving costs by driving down infrastructure CAPEX and OPEX technologies

Saving Time

Saving time with modular designs that can be built quickly

Offering Flexibility

Offering flexibility so an asset can be easily re-purposed

Reducing Risks

Reducing risks by enabling an asset to be moved or re-deployed

Alternative fuels for the marine industry

Kanfer is closely monitoring alternative and non-fossil fuels such as ammonia and hydrogen. We will not only be watching this market, but proactively act when we see opportunities arise. Kanfer also has a solution in place to cater for a cost efficient way to handle the CCS (Carbon Capture Storage).

Our Team

Meet the experts that steer our customers to success

Kanfer’s senior management team brings together the best in maritime engineering and LNG shipping and logistics

Our Partners

Strategic relationships helping us take LNG to new markets

Kanfer has established strategic partnerships with leading global LNG and gas logistics companies, including AG&P, which serves as an equity owner in Kanfer.

Their deep technical and commercial expertise enables Kanfer to achieve its aim of lowering the cost of LNG transport & bunkering infrastructure, thereby increasing access to LNG in new & emerging markets.