As the world pivots towards a zero-emissions future, demand for LNG as a cleaner fuel alternative to heavier and more polluting fuels such as diesel and oil is expected to rise over the next decade.

LNG bunkering shows strong promise, with demand estimated to grow to 9 million mt by 2025 and just under 30 million mt by 2030. It is also estimated that another 100 LNG bunker vessels will be added to the existing fleet.

To meet this demand, customers will need more affordable and reliable access to LNG, which until now, has been hindered by high infrastructure costs and an absence of economies of scale.

Kanfer improves both the availability and accessibility of LNG for stranded and remote customers by using patented technologies and the deep execution expertise of our partners. Our innovative, small-scale solutions for sea transport, storage and bunkering create a virtual LNG pipeline, solving a critical gap in the LNG supply chain.

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